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[BD012] Berke Can Özcan – Mountains Are Mountains

bohemian drips. presents: Speicher IV
August 21 & 22 2020 *
festival for site-specific music in the big water reservoir of Berlin-Pankow

Friday 21: Andrew Pekler • Ingrid Schmoliner & Elena Kakaliagou
Saturday 22: Limpe Fuchs • Jan Jelinek & Sven-Åke Johansson

× tickets (pre-sale only, limited capacity)
_20 € per day (two concerts, physical audience)
_online (+ fee):
_physical (from August 7): Staalplaat and Zabriskie stores in Berlin
_more info, address and pre-sale procedure below

* please note: As you might expect, there are some necessary guidelines that need to be complied with in order to reduce the risk of infection when attending an event with a physical audience. Detailed information on the guidelines below and at the ticket selling points.

Speicher is a festival for site-specific music in the big water reservoir of Berlin-Pankow, curated by bohemian drips since 2017. The fourth issue features four concerts over two days, developed exclusively for the long-lasting reverberation of the space itself: With up to 18 seconds of reverb and eerie echo-effects the pieces will be guided by a similar conceptual approach that incorporates the interaction between music and architecture. The audience of Speicher IV will witness four different compositional angles within the sonic scenery of the reservoir, featuring both acoustic and electronic concerts. Visitors are invited to roam the spiraling corridors of the reservoirs to fully immerse themselves in the visually accented performances.

× programme

_ friday 21
__5:30pm: general announcement and “boarding“. please attend


Andrew Pekler
• amami remote visitation | electronic/audiovisual
± web:

__mandatory ventilation break


Ingrid Schmoliner & Elena Kakaliagou
• prepared grand piano, horn | acoustic
± web:
± web:

_ saturday 21
__5:30pm: general announcement and “boarding“. please attend


Limpe Fuchs
• pendulums, self build instruments | acoustic
± web:

__mandatory ventilation break


Jan Jelinek & Sven-Åke Johansson
• piece for seven dictaphones & one cymbal | electroacoustic
± web:
± web:

× tickets

20 € per day for both concerts (6pm & 9pm)
pre-sale only, limited capacity and no box office

online (+ 1€ processor fee)

_Staalplaat | Kienitzer Str. 108, mon-fri, 2pm-6pm
_Zabriskie | Reichenberger Str. 150, mon-sat, 12am-5pm

_important ticket information

The ticket consists of a boarding pass with a number.
You’ll need to show the boarding pass at the (contactless) entrance for each concert.
If you purchase online, you will receive your (physical) boarding pass between 5pm and 5:30pm at the venue on the respective concert day. You’ll receive the details a few days before the concert via mail. Please bring the payment confirmation and some sort of identification. You won’t receive a downloadable ticket, just the confirmation.

We need to collect your personal information (see guidelines below).
You need to take note of the specific event guidelines (also listed below).
This is why the tickets are not transferable!
If you want to buy more tickets, you’ll need to fill in the contact information of the person(s) you’re buying for and communicate the guidelines as stated below.

_as usual: it is chilly in the tanks! 😉
_questions? please ask:

× important | pre-sale and guidelines to reduce the risk of a Covid-19 infection

Currently (August 1, 2020) the festival is scheduled as an event with physical audience in strict accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines published by the municipality of Berlin. A mandatory “hygiene concept“ was developed by us which meets these requirements and allows us to realize the festival as explained hereafter:

We are taking this very serious and ask for your cooperation to enable a pleasant concert experience for all attendees, considering the current circumstances.
This is why we created a framework of precautions, practices and codes of conduct that need to be fulfilled and respected by everyone – so the event can be realized in the first place. We are happy to have found a way of implementing these rules in the festival by preserving its core ideas. Please take note of the following guidelines and measurements:

_personal information

We are obliged to collect your full name and address with your ticket purchase. We need to keep this data saved for four weeks to be able to “track & trace“ in case of an infection.


Mask: Entrance to the reservoir and the boarding-area only permitted with mask that covers mouth and nose. No admission without. Mask must be worn throughout the whole concert and everywhere in the reservoir. We’ll also have some single-use masks at the door.
* If you can’t wear a mask e.g. due to a medical condition, we are legally obliged to hereby inform you that you would be exposed to a higher risk of infection if you were to attend. However, if this is the case, please get in touch with us before purchasing a ticket.

Physical distancing: Please keep 1,5m distance at all time. Marks on the floor in the boarding area will aid you.
* According to the municipality’s guidelines, families, couples and persons who live in the same household are excluded from this regulation. This applies for up to 6 persons. Nevertheless we’d also kindly ask a 6-person-living-community to keep the 1,5m distance during the concerts.

Hygiene: Disinfectant provided at entrance and exit.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.

Do not attend if you show symptoms or feel sick (especially in the upper respiratory tract).

If you had contact with a person that is/was infected with Covid-19 or if you suffered from an infection of the upper respiratory tract within 14 days before the event, you are not allowed to attend.

_speicher-specific guidelines

General announcement (short) and check-in information at 5:30pm on both days. Please attend, we will begin boarding shortly after.

Movement during the concerts: The main idea behind the – site-specific – pieces performed at „Speicher“ is that the audience can explore the sonic environment of the reservoir by circling its corridors. With altering sonic phenomena depending on your position, you’ll always have a unique concert experience which is defined by your movement and the artists’ approaches to incorporate the space in their compositions. We always encourage the visitors to roam the aisles during the concerts, yet over the last years we’ve observed that some visitors tend to pause in the area(s) where the artist(s) is/are located. In consideration of the 1,5m distance rule we need to ask everyone to be aware of the surrounding attendees and the direction of flow. This means that you shouldn’t pause too long in the respective artists’ areas and should be aware that other visitors might also want to take a glimpse. Remember: the formation of groups needs to be avoided in order to be able to keep the 1,5m distance. „Don’t camp in the left lane“– show solidarity with the other visitors. 😉
* If you need to sit e.g. out of health reasons, please get in touch with us and we will figure out a solution.

Entrance & exit are (and must be) separated. You will be informed about the location of the exit during the „boarding“ process. Signs, our crew and a map will guide you.
* You need to climb up some stairs on a circular staircase to exit the reservoir. If you can’t do that – for whatever reason – please get in touch with us before boarding.

Organized and contactless entrance with avoidance of formation of groups.

Limited capacity according to the size of the venue.

Tickets: Pre-sale only to reduce contact points at the venue. As stated above, we are required to collect your personal information with the purchase. Tickets are not transferable. More info under “tickets“

Ventilation: The reservoir will be ventilated before and after the concerts. Additionally there will be a mandatory 2 hour ventilation break each day between the concerts.

Crew: Our team is clearly recognizable and will provide assistance if need be

Signs will remind you of the guidelines and a map will let you see the entrance, flow of motion during the concerts and (emergency) exit(s).

Last but not least and as an exception not Corona-induced: It is chilly in the tanks, even in the summer. And please don’t carry glass bottles or the loud plastic ones. They will make noise and spoil the fun.

_final remarks

Subject to change: As you know things and regulations of what is allowed and what isn’t can change quickly during this pandemic. We are optimistic that we can host the festival with a physical audience, yet we urge you to check regularly for
updates on, in the Facebook event and on other bohemian drips social media channels.

Last update: August 1
The hygiene concept of Speicher IV is based on:
SARS-CoV-2-Infektionsschutzverordnung (from July 21)
Hygienerahmenkonzept für Kultureinrichtungen im Land Berlin (from July 20)

× address

Großer Wasserspeicher, Prenzlauer Berg
access via Belforter Str., 10405 Berlin

× newsletter signup via:
× funded by Musicboard Berlin & Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin: Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, FB Kunst und Kultur
× supported by Förderband e. V. and the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria
× questions? write us:

× idea and programme: Alexander Meurer & Fillipp Vingerhoets

× previous editions

Speicher III (August 2019)
• Tomoko Sauvage, Thomas Ankersmit

Speicher II (June 2018)
• Audrey Chen, microtub, Sandra Boss, MORPH!, Kudu (Els Vandeweyer, Ignaz Schick, Klaus Kürvers), Sawt Out (Mazen Kerbaj, Michael Vorfeld, Burkhard Beins), Air Cushion Finish, Saba Alizadeh, Clive Bell & Sam Weaver, JD Zazie, Marimba

Speicher I (July 2017)
• Arnold Dreyblatt, Axel Dörner & Richard Scott, Kulku, DuChamp, Big Beats Big Times, ITOE

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