The Berlin based label “bohemian drips” was founded in 2011 by Alexander Meurer and Fillipp Vingerhoets and is specialized in developing, publishing and staging site-specific compositions in settings with distinctive acoustics. The inclusion of the spatial sound in as a compositional dimension forms the basis of this production process: To capture a three dimensional image, those productions are recorded in binaural audio (“Kunstkopf-Stereophonie”). Following this approach, the label organizes a yearly festival for site-specific music in two old water reservoirs in Berlin, Pankow. In 2014 the videographer Nikolaus Götz became a permanent part of the label. Since 2016, “bohemian drips” also releases studio LPs.

Temporary collaborators on bohemian drips projects:
Lasse Kuhlmann (2014-2016, recording and co-production of BD001, BD002, BD006)
Benjamin Krauth (2017, co-production and co-conception of “Speicher” festival)
Ian Medina (since 2016, recording and audio engineering on several ongoing records and events)

Selection of past projects:

The Conny Plank Rework Sessions (2012-2013)

After being involved in the curation of the compilation “Who’s That Man – A Tribute To Conny Plank” in 2012 for Grönland Records, “bohemian drips” teamed up with Simon Clement a.k.a. “esclé” from Leipzig to host a concert-tour in five german cities. Each event featured both a live arrangement of the digitalised Conny Plank archive material by one of the rework-artists and a live concert by one of the representatives of the german Krautrock-scene. The result was an unique mixture of modern production approaches and the musical spirit of the 60s and 70s. The visitors were able to experience Conny Planks heritage from two different perspectives in a single event. Electronic musicians like Günther Lause, Kreidler’s Toulouse Low Trax or Uncanny Valley’s Credit 00 interpreted the material in a contemporary context, while Can’s Jaki Liebezeit, Dominik von Senger, Embryo, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius sent the audiences back into the mystical depths of the Krautrock-era.

The compilation on the Grönland Records homepage.

The official Conny Plank homepage.

Listen to some live-recordings of this magical tour on Soundcloud: