BD010 | Microtub – Chronic Shift


Release: August 30 2019

[BD010] Microtub – Chronic Shift (binaural LP)
(12“ LP & digital version)

Microtub is the world’s first and only microtonal tuba trio, exploring Just Intonation and the rich harmonic potential of the tuba. This album features material from Robin Hayward’s pieces „Sonic Drift“ and „Star System“, recorded in the stunning acoustics of the large water reservoir in Berlin-Pankow, reworked and mixed with analogue synthesizers by Peder Simonsen.

Recorded in „Kunstkopf“ stereophony, this unlikely combination of tubas and simple synth pitches provides a meditative and immersive experience, and an auditory glimpse into a truly unique acoustic space. While „Chronic Shift“ zones in on the neutral microtonal harmonies that underly „Sonic Drift“, the synths on „System Reboot“ mainly shadow the harmonics in the giant room, both as sustained pitches and as spaced out droplets lending movement to the track.


Robin Hayward – microtonal F tuba
Martin Taxt – microtonal C tuba
Peder Simonsen – microtonal C tuba

Recorded during “Speicher” festival 2018; reworked & mixed by Peder Simonsen, 2019
Mastered & cut by Andreas Kauffelt at “Schnittstelle” in Berlin, 2019
Cover design by Alexander Meurer; photo on back by Tania Kelley
A collaboration between bohemian drips, microtub & Ace Tunes

© by bohemian drips & microtub, 2019 – all rights reserved | | |

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