BD012 | Berke Can Özcan – Mountains Are Mountains


Release: August 7 2020

[BD012] 12“ vinyl & digital
Berke Can Özcan – Mountains Are Mountains (LP)

Genre: Ambient, Jazz, Electroacoustic, Trance, Electronic

“Mountains Are Mountains” is a solo album that presents the sound of many moments scattered all over a period of Berke Can Özcan’s (Ex-Konstrukt, Big Beats Big Times) personal time on this planet. He is a drummer, composer, writer, producer who keeps experimenting with all that is available to his one ear. Gongs, aquadrums, a vibraphone, a steel drum, a prepared piano, a vintage harmonium which smells exactly like a vintage harmonium, log drums, kalimbas, as well as his self-made instruments made of old keys, soda caps, flower pots, bamboos, the most lousy-looking pedestal fan in the world, bicycle bells, straw brooms, old toys, garden hoses and Buddhist-prayer playing machines are all played by himself.

All sounds were constructed by – or at least decorated with – sadness, passion, agony, curiosity, excitement, loneliness, bliss, nostalgia, bitterness, joy, whatever you and I and he knew that could be experienced. “Mountains Are Mountains” is yours to taste.


Total Runtime: 43:45

Side A

A1: The Shepherd (4:51)
A2: Roots (4:09)
A3: Membrane (3:41)
A4: Giant’s Sleep (4:39)
A5: Mouth of a Volcano (4:32)

Side B

B1: Bow (5:14)
B2: Low Tide and High Tide (5:15)
B3: Mangrove (3:19)
B4: Igloo (3:57)
B5: Sonar (4:08)


[Social – Artist]

Instagram: @berke_can_ozcan

[Bio – Artist]

Berke Can Özcan began as a drummer. He has founded and killed many bands. He wrote music, sang, played the drums and many other instruments within a variety of projects, recorded and produced albums, travelled and received acclaim, but you know, everything keeps changing. He owns a digital label, Who Are We Who We Are and is proud to release his fellow musicians’ and friends’ albums. As long as the music’s good. And who says what music is good by the way?

Since the last couple of years, he’s begun to transform into something else. There has been many things going on, families falling apart, friends walking away, people being crushed by life, his country losing many things he used to take for granted and the world being stirred up by the crazy and the malicious.

He still has many things in his pocket. Sounds from a variety of continents, some couple of oceans, many different islands, corners of the earth that not a lot of people know about. Work is in progress, work is always in progress and most probably will always be.


All sounds on the album were either performed or recorded and manipulated by Berke Can Özcan

Mixed by Mahmut Albulak, Blue Kite, Istanbul
Mastered by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle, Berlin

Front cover photo: Elif Kayaman
Back cover photo: Jean Dupont
Cover design: Alexander Meurer

© by bohemian drips & Berke Can Özcan, 2020 – all rights reserved |

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