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VA – Zuhause im Weltall [BD001]

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Various Artists – Zuhause im Weltall (Sampler)
BD001 | Formats: Vinyl & Digital | Release date: November 1st 2014
Total runtime: 29:45 (Digital: 47:31) | Tracks: 6 (Digital: 9) | Genre: Experimental, Avantgarde, Drone, Obscure, Kraut

“Zuhause im Weltall” is a compilation containing binaural Kunstkopf recordings, that were quite literally captured in the Berlin underground. The concept of the LP marks a counterpoint to contemporary production and recording habits: Six artists were invited to compose a piece of music referring to the reverberations of a 60 meter-long tunnel under the old Kindl Brewery in Neukölln where Portishead recorded their masterpiece “Machine Gun”. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and features six compositions over 30 minutes by Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Clockyange a.k.a. Anklepants & RATBAG, Mini Pops Junior, Matti, DYN and Kolophonium.

“Zuhause im Weltall” is the first “bohemian drips” release – a collaboration between the label and the Norwegian sound designers from “KLX Audio”. Binaural recordings provide the listener with a three dimensional audio-image and are best enjoyed on headphones.

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Clockyangé “im Weltall”


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The first “Weltall”-citizens we want to introduce to you are forming the creepy duo “CLOCKYANGÉ” a.k.a. Anklepants & RATBAG. Because of the massive technical effort including a tesla coil, midi-controlled genitals and satanist-crosses, the recording session took about 8 hours. But every disturbing second was worth it.

Jochen Arbeit “im Weltall”


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If there is a big name in the Berlin underground music scene since the late 80s, it is Jochen Arbeit. The guitarist of Die Haut became a member of the infamous Einstürzende Neubauten with their album “Silence is Sexy” and continues working on innumerable musical projects within the fields of experimental and noise. His current project, Automat, released a dark kraut-dub record on “Bureau B” in 2014. Jochen’s 11 minute long “Three Amped Head Piece” is a monstrous, rising noise shower channeled through three different guitar amps, spinning around the listeners head and leaving him irritated in a state of audio agony.

Mini Pops Junior “im Weltall”


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Mini Pops Junior are Tobias Vethake & Jan Hupe. Together they created a dark symphony for the tunnel’s reverberation: Emerging electric cellos and soft winds resonating between the tiles, making the dogs up in the go-kart parcour bark to it. Mini Pops Junior will release their new record “KOMA” on Vethake’s record label “blank records” in January 2015. It also features some other recordings from their tunnel sessions.

(digital version includes 3 bonus tracks)

Side A

A1: Kolophonium — Kollage (1:14)
A2: DYN — Would You (2:41)
A3: Jochen Arbeit — Three-Amped-Headpiece (10:52)

Side B

B1: Matti — Zwischenhall (2:54)
B2: Mini Pops Junior (Sicker Man & Jan Hupe) — Kalinenk (4:20)
B3: Clockyange (Anklepants & RATBAG) — Why doesn’t the guy that works in the Spätkauf know which scene i’m involved in, based on my clothing? (alternative title: Tie Dye Materials) (7:44)

Digital Bonus

7: Sabotage Soundtrack – Ghost 22 (3:46)
8: Mini Pops Junior (Sicker Man & Jan Hupe) – Ceremoaner (7:08)
9: ablution – ablution im Weltall (6:52)


The music on this compilation was played by Joachim Stezelczyk, Christoph Matenaers, Tobias Vethake, Jan Hupe, Joshua Philip Head, Julian Davis Percy, Dominik Annies, Mat Kovacic, Tobias Vethake, Jan Hupe, Philip Vingerhoets, Alexander Meurer, Manuel Jacob, William Emmanuel Dürr, Thomas Vona, Melek Yondem, Tilman Kettner & Carl Heine
The digital bonus track “ablution im Weltall” is an edit of the above compositions by Lasse Kuhlmann

Produced by bohemian drips
Recorded by Lasse Kuhlmann (KLX Audio)
Mastered by Zino Mikorey in Berlin, 2014

Cover design by Alexander Meurer
Supported by “Bricolage”

© by bohemian drips, 2014 – all rights reserved