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bohemian drips presents: Marika [BD002]

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bohemian drips presents: Marika
BD002 | Formats: Vinyl & Digital | Release date: August 7th 2015
Total runtime: 28:58 | Tracks: 2 (Digital: 9) | Genre: Free-Jazz, Improvisation, Free Music, Avantgarde, Contemporary Jazz

“Marika” is an improvised free jazz trio from Istanbul, formed by Korhan Futacı (alto & tenor saxo- phones), Berke Can Özcan (drums) and Barlas Tan Özemek (bass). They play a unique kind of transcendent and always evolving music, converting nothing but basic human instincts into sonic pleasure. In 2014 “bohemian drips” invited them to work with the amazing acoustics of the old “Kindl” brewery’s “Sudhaus” (now “KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art”) and its massive copper tanks in the middle of Berlin-Neukölln.

This LP was recorded live and in binaural audio with a binaural “KU-100” Kunstkopf microphone. Listening to these recordings on headphones gives you the threedimensional perspective of being seated literally in the center of the recording scenario. “bohemian drips presents: Marika” is the trio’s debut record.

Headphones recommended!

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Beside “Marika”, Korhan Futacı, Berke Can Özcan and Barlas Tan Özemek are also active in other bands from the turkish underground scene such as “123” or “KonstruKt” and had the chance to perform with artists like Peter Brötzmann, Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Evan Parker, Dave Bryant (Ornette Coleman Prime Time Band), Jack Irons (Pearl Jam), Jürg Solothurmann, Eugene Chad- bourne, Kenny Wollesen (John Zorn’s Electric Masada), Erland Dahlen and Alfred Harth 23.


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When we invited “Marika” in November 2014 to play at our concert series in Berlin, we had the opportunity to do a binaural recording session with them in a truely unique venue: the “Sudhaus” of the old “Kindl” brewery in Berlin-Neukölln, now the “KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art”. The space contains six massive copper tanks, which not only provided a stunning scenery for the artists but also added an unique acoustic character to the recordings.

We knew the building would have brilliant acoustics for what we’re aiming for with our vinyl releases on bohemian drips: creating a special sonic experience for our listeners by capturing the interactions between musicians and architecture in “binaural” 3D audio.

Headphones recommended!

(digital version is cut to 9 individual tracks)

Side A – The Wolf (13:58)

1: The Wolf I (2:21)
2: The Wolf II (4:09)
3: The Wolf III (1:53)
4: The Wolf IV (3:34)
5: The Wolf V (2:01)

Side B – The Sheep (15:00)

6: The Sheep I (6:02)
7: The Sheep II (3:27)
8: The Sheep III (3:38)
9: The Sheep IV (1:53)


Korhan Futacı – alto & tenor saxophones, flutes
Berke Can Özcan – drums, percussion
Barlas Tan Özemek – bass

Produced by bohemian drips
Recorded by Lasse Kuhlmann
Mastered by Zino Mikorey in Berlin, 2015

Cover design by Alexander Meurer; Photography by Aljoscha Redenius
Realized with the kind support of “KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art”

© by bohemian drips, 2015 – all rights reserved