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Kolophonium – Kolophonium EP [BD005]

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Kolophonium – Kolophonium EP
BD005 | Formats: Vinyl & Digital | Release date: September 9th 2016
Total runtime: 28:44 | Tracks: 4 | Genre: Kraut, Industrial, Free, Psych, Experimental

A white noise among highway and chemtrails, being half asleep but captured between high rise buildings – Kolophoniums first EP gives you a glimpse of a band’s work that is constantly shifting their parameters: Four tracks between industrial-psych, urban world music and mechanical kraut-romantic. Steep into dark but soft soundscapes full of rolling guitars, whirring flutes and bizzare santour-drones. Founded in 2012 and grown to actual form in 2015, Kolophonium works on their honest interpretation of free music since over 4 years

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Side A (15:18)

A1: Deeta (09:48)
A2: Paradise Beach (05:30)

Side B (13:26)

B1: Somnabulia (07:57)
B2: Leitplanke (05:29)


All music written and performed live by Kolophonium
Lyrics by Fillipp Vingerhoets

William Dürr: Bass Guitar
Manuel Jacob: Drums, Djembe
Alexander Meurer: Santour, Organ, Electronics
Fillipp Vingerhoets: Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Vona: Clarinet, Flutes, Percussion

Recorded and mixed by Ian Medina in December 2015 at the Kolophonium studios
Mastered by Alain Paul in Berlin, 2016