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Nabelóse – OMOKENTRO [BD016]

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BD016 | Formats: Vinyl, CD & Digital | Release date: September 30th 2022
Total runtime: 45:41 | Tracks: 5 | Genre: Avantgarde, Minimal Music, Experimental, Neue Musik

Elena Kakaliagou – voice, french horn
Ingrid Schmoliner – voice, prepared piano

“OMOKENTRO” is the second release by Nabelóse, the joint project of Ingrid Schmoliner (voice/prepared piano) and Elena Kakaliagou (voice/French horn). Recorded live at bohemian drips’ “Speicher“ festival in 2020, the duo’s music on this LP transforms the brick walls of the large historic water reservoir in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg into the stone surfaces of a cave that is home to mystagogues. Elements of water and breath, and love and fear are almost made tangible through the impressive binaural recordings. Spanning over 45 “timeless” minutes, “OMOKENTRO” not only highlights Nabelóse’s unique musical approach at the intersection of New Music, Minimal and occasionally traditional folk music, but also showcases the impressive acoustic affordances of the space, which was expanded both aesthetically and emotionally by the duo.

Vinyl ships out around January ’23 due to production delays!
Super limited, green vinyl handstamped testpressings available now!

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“OMOKENTRO” is the second release of Ingrid Schmoliner and Elena Kakaliagou’s “Nabelóse“ that sees them blend their voices with the sounds of the former’s prepared piano and the latter’s French horn. Recorded in the big water reservoir in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg as part of the fourth edition of bohemian drips’ “Speicher – festival for site-specific music“ in 2020, this LP captures a one-of-a-kind performance, influenced both by the surroundings’ idiosyncratic acoustics as well as by two very different social environments—with and without an audience. Spanning over 45 minutes, “OMOKENTRO” takes the attentive listener on a journey through time and space—not only reminiscent of the duo’s music reverberating through the reservoir but also through the memories of its enchanted visitors.


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The duo draws on a variety of musical influences ranging from New Music to Minimal, as well as, occasionally, Greek folk music, or their own English-language compositions for voice in order to integrate them into their artistic approach. When playing together, they blur the lines between composition and improvisation while being mindful of the resonant qualities of the space and the people around them. The duo interacts with sensitivity and freedom to each other as to the environment and the audience, that become both a source of inspiration and resonant bodies in this process. Ingrid Schmoliner works with a piano, prepared with wooden sticks and even porcupine needles as well as e-bows to approximate the aesthetics of electronic music through the use of mostly acoustic means. Elena Kakaliagou invents unconventional new techniques for her horn, that make the instrument sound like the wind, the sea, or like a roaring animal; a few minutes later the well-known lyrical sound of the french horn accompanies the voice of Ingrid Schmoliner in a more classical duo.

“Tauchen” and “Kern” explore the stunning acoustics of the water reservoir by gently and slowly filling the space with sustained tones and subtle rhythms that become more demanding the further the second piece progresses. In “Walking”, “Wolf’s Path” and “Amygdalaki” the presence of the audience creates a more dense and multi-layered overall sound. This becomes noticeable in “Wolf’s Path”, which takes a similar approach to the first two pieces, but whose dynamic is more tense, though, despite the urgency of their playing, Schmoliner and Kakaliagou leave each other space to unfold. “Walking” is one of Schmoliner’s compositions for voice, while the song “Amygdalaki” works with a popular melody from the island of Skyros in Greece.

“OMOKENTRO” highlights Nabelóse’s unique musical approach at the intersection of composition and improvisation, sound and space while also once more showcasing the impressive acoustic affordances of the space in which it was recorded (the record follows previous releases on bohemian drips made for, with and in the same place by Microtub, Tomoko Sauvage and Axel Dörner & Richard Scott). Captured in binaural audio (Kunstkopf stereophony), the music and sounds from this album will relocate the listeners to the actual recording scenario.


1 | A1 – Tauchen (5:34)
2 | A2 – Kern (7:15)
3 | A3 – Walking* (10:44)
4 | B1 – Wolf’s Path* (9:59)
5 | B2 – Amygdalaki* (12:09)

*concert recording


Recorded by Alexander Meurer
Mixed by Ian Medina & Alexander Meurer
Mastered and cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle in Berlin, 2022
Cover photo by Hans Peter Widmer & Christiaan Stuten from Hans Jenny’s publication ‘Kymatik’
Cover design by Alexander Meurer

Supported by SKE / austro mechana

©℗ by bohemian drips & Nabelóse | all rights reserved | LC: 96928 | |